Prepare to be impressed. My experience thus far at Rejuva has been remarkable. First, this is like no other clinic you have ever been to. People are friendly, personable, and really care. Second, the climate is relaxing, not rushed like other doctors’ offices, and completely stress-free. You will actually like going there. As for my treatment, I received 1 injection in each knee and 1 injection in each hip. After 6 months, pre and post MRI and xray results show increased cartilage growth around joints and decrease in pain. After being told by a surgeon that I would need at least one hip replacement surgery, maybe two, results now show there is no bone on bone contact as they did previously. Progress has been slow but steady. I look forward to continued improvement.
Stem cell therapy is expensive, but it’s worth it. There is no pain, no meds, no recovery.
As for Rejuva, they are simply the best. I would not go anywhere else! They answer the phone, return messages, return emails, etc. They are responsive and accommodating.