Rejuva’s educational seminars in China and Hong Kong

At Rejuva Stem Cell Clinic, we are passionate about helping our patients renew themselves through regenerative medicine, so they can live their golden years as fully as they deserve. That is why we are constantly keeping up with the latest advancements in stem cell therapy and sharing that knowledge with patients and physicians. In line with that goal to share our knowledge on regenerative medicine, our team continuously participates in conferences and seminars, and our next stops will be China and Hong Kong. There, we will meet with physicians and patients to talk about the latest advancements on umbilical cord stem cell therapy and how they may help improve our quality of life.

Umbilical Cord Blood Stem Cells

Regenerative medicine is a blooming new field that is changing the paradigm of medicine, helping the body to regenerate itself, instead of just masking the symptoms, as classic medicine would do. There are several types of stem cells that can be used for regenerative medicine, but recent studies have shown that stem cells from umbilical cord blood are the most appropriate and effective option against a number of pathologies, including cerebral palsy, blood cancers, erectile dysfunction, and joint and back pain. Umbilical cord blood stem cells are collected from healthy newborn babies, in a painless and risk-free manner, and are more primitive than other types of stem cells; thus, they have a higher potential for differentiation into a wide array of cell types. They also proliferate for longer periods of time, have anti-inflammatory benefits, and pose a lower risk of post-transplant complications, such as Graft-versus-Host Disease.

Where Can You Meet Our Team?

From the 24th to the 27th of April we will be in Hong Kong, in our new Rejuva HK center, where our CEO, Dr. Mike Tillman, together with the CEO of our Hong Kong branch, Mandy Chan, and COO, Dora Liu. We will be consulting with patients from Hong Kong and China about how Rejuva Stem Cell Clinic may help them improve their wellbeing and enjoy their golden years without pain (For more information on Rejuva HK please watch the following video.

Rejuva HK StemCell Treatment Introduction from Mandy Chan on Vimeo.

From the 28th to the 30th of April our team will be in Shenzhen, where we will give a seminar about the latest advancements in umbilical cord stem cell therapy. And, from the 1st to the 3rd of May we will participate at the Guangzhou Conferences, where our CEO, Dr. Mike Tillman, has been invited to give a talk about regenerative medicine and umbilical cord stem cell advancements. Then, our team will head back to Shenzhen, where we will consult with clients from May 4 to May 7.

Finally, we will return to Hong Kong to our Rejuva HK center to meet with clients until the 9th of May. So, if you live in China or Hong Kong and suffer from joint pain that prevents you from living your life to the fullest, do not hesitate to contact us to schedule a consultation with our team of regenerative medicine physicians. Or, if you just want to learn more about umbilical cord blood stem cells, contact us for more information.


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