What if pain was no longer a natural part of aging?

Rejuva Stem Cell Clinic is changing how people view pain management and other diseases. There is a false belief that as we age we must deal with pain from arthritis and other disease. We have been told our whole lives that aches and pains are just a natural part of aging and you just must slow down and deal with it. The fact is that there is a way to quickly and easily rejuvenate everything from neck to ankles.

Stem cells are taken from the umbilical cords of live healthy birth babies, thoroughly tested for health and easily injected in the area that you need it. At Rejuva Stem Cell Clinic we can help to treat a wide range of soft tissue and joint diseases that have proven to respond to stem cell therapy. Research has shown that there is a natural way to address a wide range of injuries and disease. You can tap into the power of your own body to improve your health, function and quality of life. You may be an excellent candidate for this treatment. Rejuva Stem Cell Clinic has the highly trained medical staff that can help you to determine if this treatment is an option for you!

What Is Natural Aging?

The stem cell theory of aging postulates that the aging process is the result of the inability of various types of stem cells to continue to replenish the tissues of an organism with functional differentiated cells capable of maintaining that tissue’s (or organ’s) original function. Damage and error accumulation in genetic material is always a problem for systems regardless of the age. The number of stem cells in young people is very much higher than older people and this cause a better and more efficient replacement mechanism in the young contrary to the old. In other words, aging is not a matter of the increase of damage, but a matter of failure to replace it due to decreased number of stem cells. Stem cells decrease in number and tend to lose the ability to differentiate into progenies or lymphoid lineages and myeloid lineages.

Maintaining the dynamic balance of stem cell pools requires several conditions. Balancing proliferation and quiescence along with homing and self-renewal of hematopoietic stem cells are favoring elements of stem cell pool maintenance while differentiation, mobilization and senescence are detrimental elements. These detrimental effects will eventually cause apoptosis.

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